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Berberine Success Stories

“Berberine is a great product. I find it helps to keep my sugar levels down and works beautifully with some of my other supplements. It is a good support for blood sugar control [and] cholesterol regulation.” * —Joanne

“I have been taking Berberine to help control my blood sugar ever since Dr. Whitaker prescribed it while I was a patient at the Whitaker Wellness Institute. An excellent product!” * —Grover

“I love Berberine. It has helped me with my [blood sugar] so much. I am so pleased and would not be without this product ever.” * —Connie

"I am delighted to be able to recommend Berberine. I rate this product five stars. It has [supported] my blood sugar numbers into the normal range. I cannot speak more highly of it. I want everyone to try it for several months and see the amazing results." *

“Awesome results (for my) blood sugar and cholesterol!!! My doctor is speechless—LOL—no lectures. Thanks for a great product.” *

“Finally, something that really works for blood sugar. We have tried every blood sugar supplement available for over a year for my husband. Nothing [helped] until Berberine!! Thanks, Dr. Whitaker, and may God bless you!” *